bruce howard bayley

past work:

1983-90 hoxton hall:
youth theatre director; dramatherapy groups (elderly reminisence and young people)

1988-91 continuing education & training service, croydon:
speech and voice development

1990-91 barnet general hospital psychiatric unit:
acute depressive, borderline and psychogeriatric patients and patients with schizophreniform behaviour

1990-91 hertfordshire social services:
adolescent clients with a variety of identity problems

1991-93 streetwise youth, london:
arts therapies and project worker

1993-2001 continuing education service, croydon:
co-ordinator continuing education at the resource centre for the unemployed

1996-98 university of hertfordshire:
lecturer on the arts therapies foundationcourse

1997-2002 university of hertfordshire:
lecturer on MA dramatherapy course

1998 university of hertfordshire:
guest lecturer on alida gersie's certificate of story-making course

2004-2012 camden listening and counselling centre:
co-ordinator of counselling and arts therapies services

2010-2012 anglia ruskin university:
lecturer on ma dramatherapy course