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‘Body is not veiled from Soul, neither Soul from Body’ Jalaludin Rumi

tribhuvan is a Sanskrit term meaning three worlds, kingdoms or states. In classical Hindu literature the three bhuvanas are svarga (heaven), bhumi (earth) and potala (the lower regions). Esoterically, the tribhuvanas are the spiritual, the psychic (or astral) and the terrestrial dimensions.

Rudolf Steiner similarly to the Vedic tradition, identified three states of Being – Awake, Dream and Deep Sleep.

The development of my own multi-layered, multi-cultural work asa Dramatherapist hs been in what I call Threefold Dramatherapy – concerned with the Dramas Within the threefoldness of the approach refers to the simultaneous exploration of three areas:

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tribhuvan workshops are offered at various times through the year and can be attended as stand alone workshops

1. Three States of Being – 'Awake, Dream, Deep Sleep'

An Experiential Dramatherapy Exploration of the Three States through

2. Exploring the Kinesthetic / Imaginal / Soul Body”

Drawing on the work of Dr Jean Houston, Dr Robert Masters and the Sufi tradition, this workshop will continue working with the self-orchestration of Consciousness via the Kinesthetic / Imaginal / Soul Body

3. Love in the Earth: Restatements and Renewals

An Experiential Dramatherapy Exploration of the The dynamic of the Head (Thoughts) and the Gut (Emotions)

4. Symbols of Soul & the Kinesthetic / Soul Body

An experiential Dramatherapy exploration of: personal mythologies, symbols & archetypes – focusing on the inner dramatic dimensions of Psychic and Soul Being

5. A Goethean Approach in Dramatherapy: Nature, Metamorphosis and Transformation.

All workshops will be in Central London. They may be attended as stand alone workshops or as a complete series.

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Embodying ‘Ramayana’ Masterclass, Pune, Maharashtra, India, January 2020

Taken from The Prompt Newsletter of the British Association of Dramatherapists, February 2020

Download: Embodying Ramayana Pune Masterclass

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